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Istanbul Boys 30. There is nothing better then a tight asshole, and these Istanbul boys know how to get into them! Hot man on man sex from Turkey that you can't afford to miss! Scene one of this gay Turkish sex movie features a straight Turkish boy whose girlfriend is away and needs a hole to fuck in. He meets a gay bottom boy and takes him home for a long hard bareback shafting! The bottom strips the straight boy, pulling down his boxers and watching his huge circumcised Turkish cock stand rigidly at attention. The bottom kneels and sucks the top boy's cock and then gets given a hard face fucking which makes him gag and choke. Then the bottom is made to kneel on the bed and the straight boy rams his long hard cock deep into his asshole with one hard thrust. A hard bareback fucking in many positions follows and the straight guy lasts a very long time before shooting his heavy Turkish load. A very hot and highly recommended Turkish bareback gay pornmovie from TRIMAX.

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Real Turkish gay teen fucking. Real amateur teenage Turk boys fucking raw. The second scene of the Turkish gay movie ISTANBUL BOYS 20 contains some very hot sex action between two very good looking gay Turkish boys. As with all the movies in the ISTANBUL BOYS series the sex is 100 per-cent raw bareback no-condom gay sex. The young top is listening to music, waiting for his friend to arrive. When the cute bottom boy arrives, the top wastes no time in getting down to the business. They start to go upstairs. The top grabs the bottom while they are still mounting the stairs, pulls open his shirt and passionately starts to kiss and bite his chest and neck, kissing him hard and giving him his first taste of real hot passionate Turkish gay sex. Once inside the bedroom, the boys strip off and the top's long circumcised cock jumps out at solid attention when he drops his boxer shorts. He proceeds to give the young bottom boy a good face fucking followed by a merciless bareback assfucking which lasts for well over half an hour of hard solid penetration fucking. The bottom boy is fucked senseless by the top's big hard cock, groaning and pleading for the top to go gently as he takes a good hard anal ramming. Hear him groan as the top mounts him and rides him doggy-style. A favourite scene. Lots of sex positions including face straddling. Very good looking young Turkish boys - cute and smooth bodied; not hairy types.

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Turkish Fuck 1 is a movie where the tops are 100 per-cent top and the bottoms are 100 per-cent bottom. Turkish gay sex action. Scene 1 of this movie is a three-way featuring two 'straight' Turkish tops fucking a gay Turkish boy. One of the tops has an extra long cock and nice thick black pubic hair. The guys strip, showing their sexy white underwear, then, after the bottom has sucked the both of them, the two tops take it in turns to assfuck the boy. He groans and repeatedly begs the top to be gentle as he gets penetrated, spanked and spit-roast by the two tops. Both of the tops are circumcised and very well hung. After he has been hardly fucked by both tops, the bottom is put on his knees to take two loads of cum in his face. At the end of the scene one of the tops comments that fucking the boy was better than fucking his wife!

Turkish Fuck 1 is a highly recommended gay porn movie with lots of hairy chests and cut dicks. Cock sucking, ass fucking, groaning bottoms and no-nonsense 'two tops on one bottom' three-way double fuck action including double penetration and spit-roasting. Made in the cities of Adana, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey! All circumcised Turkish men and boys. Just stick it in the hole! There's no time for playing around. So let's get right down to the business of sucking cock and plugging assholes! Hot gay Turkish fucking with lots of hairy young gay Turkish men and rock hard Turkish cock. Three-way action and spit-roasting. Turkish Fuck 1, a Turkish gay movie from Zip Productions, directed by Murat Bal.

For some of the longest duration fuckings that we have ever seen in a gay porn movie, you have to look further east to Turkey where the boys fuck hard for half an hour or more, totally raw, totally bare!  The tops don't even think about covering their dickheads with a condom; they expect to feel the pleasure of giving it bare and that is exactly how the these gay Turkish twink bottoms love to take it! .

ISTANBUL BOYS is a series of gay movies featuring some good looking Turkish twinks having raw unsafe sex. All 25 movies are 100% bareback. The guys, mainly twinks, have big hard cocks and, like most Turkish men are circumcised. These guys really know how to fuck; they give it in a lot of different positions and they give it for a long time. A lot of these boys last for over 30 minutes of solid hard bareback fucking! This is deep hard fucking which is a pleasure to watch. Plus of course blow jobs and heavy cum shots. All of the movies are recomended but here are some favourite scenes:

ISTANBUL BOYS 13 - scene 3 shows a Turkish teen being mercilessly raw-fucked by a man old enough to be his grandfather who has a big hard cut cock and gives the boy a fucking that you will not believe a man of his age could give. Real old on young sex and proof that a man's ability to fuck does not diminish with age!

ISTANBUL BOYS 28 - good hard 27 minute anal penetration in scene 1 and cool boxer briefs in scene 2.

ISTANBUL BOYS 23 - young Turkish boy Sen Nasil Istersen gets his tight ass fucked good and hard in both scenes. The top in scene 2, hung like a horse and very good looking, raw fucks the boy for over 35 solid minutes of continuous hard shafting!

ISTANBUL BOYS 30 scene 1 - 29 minutes anal penetration - Turkish straight boy has a hard-on that just WILL NOT go away ... so he calls himself a rent boy and fucks his brains out him! There is nothing better then a tight asshole, and this Istanbul boy sure knows how to get into them! Hot man on man sex from Turkey that you can't afford to miss!



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Good looking Tunisian top-stud Faraon fucks gay French tourist Nico in Tunisia. One evening in a Tunisian nightclub, gay French tourist Nico meets Faraon, a handsome Tunisian teen hunk who invites Nico back to his place, drugs his drink and soon ends up having sex with him. With the lights dimmed, Faraon soon has Nico feeling the size of the bulge in his jeans. Nico then unbuttons Faraon's fly and pulls Faron's brown circumcised cock out over the waistband of his dark blue underwear. Nico first looks at Faron's beautiful Tunisian cock then takes it in his mouth and gives the good looking arab boy a blow job. Faraon makes Nico take it deep down his throat! Then they strip naked and Faraon bends Nico over and rams his cock into Nico's asshole. Nico groans as he takes a good hard fucking from the handsome Tunisian boy in various positions. Finally, Faraon pulls out and shoots a thick load of cum!

The morning after, the beautiful Faraon is gone and Nico realizes that, along with several other sexy westerners, he is the prisoner and the sex slave of a mysterious arab prince and his posse of bodyguards. As the day progresses, Nico gets fucked by a Tunisian teen with a huge cut brown cock, doubled up on and spit-roasted by a couple of horse hung Tunisian men until finally, with Faraon watching secretly and wanking his hard-on, he gets the maximum; a good hard fucikng from the 'Prince' himself!

Fantasmes De Prince. Made entirely on location in Tunisia, this gay arab sex video from Casbah Films and directed by Mehdi Larbi  is a personal favourite and features real Tunisian twinks with huge brown circumcised cocks and big bare brown dickheads; there are no foreskins on these boys! Fantasmes De Prince, the latest release gay North African xxx movie from Casbah Films featuring gay Tunisian tops and European bottoms. If you enjoy this movie, for more hot gay Arab sex check out the movies SOUK and SINS IN NORTH AFRICA.

Amateur gay Tunisian boys first time on camera. Gay Tunisia.

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Boy fucked bareback in Casablanca, Morocco. Real Gay Moroccan amateurs having sex in front of the camera for the first time. Straight looking, straight acting bisexual Moroccan stud Said gives a good hard fucking to a bar pick-up boy.

Said is sitting on his bed stripped to just his white underwear. A younger boy, gay bottom who he has met in a bar, is sitting next to him wearing only shorts and has pulled the Said's cock over the waistband of his underwear ready to be sucked. The boy sucks Said's cock, holding the shaft in his closed fist and licking the bare brown dick head. Said groans as he is given a blow job and starts to squeeze the boy's nipples hard, all the time thinking about the fucking that he gave a girl the night before. Said is soon ready to fuck the boy. He tells the boy to stand up and get his shorts off. Said, still wearing his underwear with his cock and balls pulled out over the waistband, lays back on the bed and grasps his hard cock in his fist, showing off the size and stiffness of his erection. Said's big brown circumcised Arab cock at full fucking stiffness is a sight to behold, a full 21cm of solid Moroccan power. Said tells the boy to sit on his cock and, with difficulty, tries to push his cock up into the boy's tight asshole. He spits into his hand, rubs his spit on his cock and tries again. Said's cock is bare; no condom will be used for this fucking! This time he is successful and he penetrates the boy.

The boy is made to kneel on the bed. Said kneels behind him and pushes his cock into the boy's asshole. Immediately Said starts to fuck him with powerful deep strokes, going in all the way. The boy's back arches and he starts to groan at the hardness with which the fuck is being given. Said fucks hard and deep, his thick black pubes rubbing against the boy's ass cheeks with every thrust of Said's strong Moroccan cock, as used to fucking a girl up the pussy as to fucking a boy up the ass! Said slam-fucks the boy for all he is worh, looking towards the camera and letting us see how much he and his cock are enjoying themselves inside the young boy's tight asshole. The boy groans as Said raw fucks the living daylights out of him before giving the boy an anal creampie as he shoots a heavy cum load. The bottom boy then shoots a load also.

To see this boy get fucked check out the movie Beurs A Plaisirs. Real young amateur bisexual and gay Arab boys from Morocco. Solo masturbation and bareback anal sex. Real live unscripted gay sex from Morocco.




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Arabian Sex Attack from Stallionprod. The title of this movie accurately sums up what this film is all about. Shot entirely in Morocco, unscripted and featuring real amateur gay Moroccan teenage boys, this gay video shows big Moroccan cocks being forced into tight gay twink assholes. Arab teen sex from Morocco. These young gay Moroccan boys suck cock and are fucked up the ass without any complex in front of the camera of our reporter.

The bottom boy in scene two was a virgin, totally inexperienced at getting fucked. No condom was used. He was fucked raw and the only lube used was the top's spit. The brown top boy really had to push hard to get his big cut cock into the hole, ignoring the protests and groans of the bottom who was swearing at him as, using only spit as lube, he used his large swolen dickhead to force open the anal muscle and penetrate the boy. The bottom was then given a good hard bareback fucking, full deep penetration.

Similarly, the top in scene four really enjoys himself as he fucks the younger bottom very hard as the bottom groans and tries to pull away. Once more the fucking is given in the traditional Moroccan way - bare knob raw and no lube used except spit. This twink is fucked so that it hurts and the agony of the fucking can be clearly seen on his face as he slides across the bed trying to escape the deep hard thrusts of the top boy's cock!

Young people and beautiful gay North African Arab boys. You will succumb to the charms of the Middle East! Enjoy! Big circumcised Moroccan cock fucking hard! Gay sex movie featuring hot bisexual and gay Moroccan men.

Arabian Sex Attack. Real bareback gay fucking from Morocco.

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Arab top stud Rijad fucks young twink boy Tony hard and raw in the great outdoors!

The scene starts with tall sexy Rijad, wearing white trainers, blue jeans, tee-shirt and leather jacket, walking in woodland smoking a cigarette. He soon comes across young twink boy Tony. Tony's head is lowered with Rijad standing behind him, holding his arm and touching the younger guy's ass through his jeans. It is clear from the outset that Rijad is a total top. He has no whatsoever interest in the boy's dick; Rijad's sole interest is in the boy's ass!!!

Tony stands there, head lowered and his arms at his sides, as the good looking arab top man stands behind him and continues to touch his ass through his trousers. Rijad holds Tony by the shoulder as he starts to squeeze the young twink's buttocks. Rijad smiles as he reaches around, opens Tony's trousers and slowly starts to pull them down. Rijad reveals the boy's dark blue underwear and continues touching the boy up through the material of his shorts. Eventually Rijad is ready to bare the boy's butt and slowly pulls down the young twink's underwear, exposing Tony's smooth white buttocks for his pleasure! After rubbing and squeezing Tony's bare young behind, Rijad bends the boy over and parts his ass cheeks exposing his tight young butt hole. Rijad makes Tony spread his ass cheeks with his hands. Rijad then spits into his hand and starts to rub his spit along Tony's ass crack and around the hole. Rijad explores Tony's ass crack with his long fingers before pushing a finger into the twink boy's hole.

Rijad needs to fuck. He stands back, lowers his jeans and the camera closes in on the Arab stud's bulging orange-red boxer briefs. Rijad slowly lowers his boxers, pulling out his long hard circumcised cock. He rubs his cock and then immediately penetrates young Tony, using only spit for lube and without giving any thought to the idea of using a condom. Rijad continues to stand behind Tony, with his jeans and boxer briefs lowered, fucking him good and hard up the up the ass. Rijad makes the boy bend right over, hands on the ground, as fucks him hard and raw. Rijad continues to bareback the twink good and hard before finally withdrawing in order to shoot. The camera closes in on Rijad's face showing us the black stubble on his chin then moves out to show Tony being made to kneel and watch as Rijad, cock and balls pulled out over the waistband of his boxer briefs, masturbates his cut arabic cock until he shoots a fucking heavy load. Rijad is a strong shooter and sprays a thick heavy load of thick white man-cum into the air. Gay arab sex at it's finest.


To see Rijad fuck Tony, check out scene three of the hot gay bareback movie BAREBACK ROUGH CLUB from US Male

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Got Uzmani. Turkish whores fucked good and hard. Two scenes of hot sexy Turkish women being given long hard late-night anal fuckings by the men who have picked them up from bars, nightclubs or off the street. Scene one is about sex for money. A young turkish teenage whore is put on an armchair with her legs spread and her panties off. She groans as the man eats out her tight shaved pussy. The sex becomes hard and intense as they stand and kiss, the man fondling her ass and breasts. He makes her sit and suck him. His cock is circumcised and at least 10 inches if not more. She deepthroats him then sits astride and takes a long hard fuck up her pussy. He ejaculates inside her vagina and you can see his cum dripping out of her as he continues to fuck in the hole.

After he has creamed her cunt, he is ready to take her from the ass. She screams and begs him to go slowly as he tries to get his huge cock into her anus. He finally gets his cock up her and proceeds to give her a long hard anal fucking in many positions. See the woman's asshole slowly opened up as she gets more and more of him inside her. She groans and screams as she is fucked without mercy. This woman takes over 40 minutes of non-stop hard pussy and anal fucking in this scene. This woman is given the sort of fucking that most women can only ever dream about from a cock the size of which most other women can only dream about! Got Uzmani.

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No holes barred Turkish amateur couple. See this young lady get fucked deep and hard in every one of her three holes by her Turkish boyfriend's long, strong and hard cock. Throat, pussy and ass fucking! Kumarcinin Karisi.

Anal virginity lost. This Turkish girl looses her anal cherry as she takes her boyfriend's cock up her ass for the very first time. After an argument, she decides to make up to him with sex and let him do anything that he wants to her. After a lot of breast play and tit squeezing, he licks out her pussy and then makes her suck his cock. He gives her deep-throat and then fucks her pussy. After giving her cunt a good fucking, he turns her and prepares her for anal. He rubs lubricant into her asshole and then slowly inserts his lubed up thumb. He gently fingers her asshole then tries to push his cock inside. He is too big for her, so he returns to fuck her once more up her cunt. He returns his attention to her anus and once again tries to get his dick inside. This time he manages to penetrate her and she groans loudly, asking him to go slowly. He opens her up and fucks her hard up the ass in different positions.

All raw no-condom fucking. Hot Turkish porn. Kumarcinin Karisi.



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